Frédéric Malle X Alber Elbaz
Alber Elbaz, an illustrious fashion designer, has met his match in the perfume world. The result of this unique collaboration, born from the convergence of creative vision, mutual admiration and respect, is the scent of a dress: elusive and unidentifiable, one of life’s many mysteries.
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This is Outrageous!
We are excited to announce the return of a dramatic, festive and colorful perfume, the epitome of what Frédéric likes to call “clean sex appeal”. Outrageous is an explosion of bergamot, tangerine and green apple against a lusty backdrop of cinnamon, musk and ambroxan. A Caipirinha cocktail in Brazil, samba on the beach, crashing waves and the ecstatic laughs of the young and sexy.
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Santal by candlelight
Let yourself be transported by the scent of this exotic wood, sprung from the childhood memory of a giant sandalwood statue of Buddha in the entrance of a Parisian apartment.
A scent that melts into the fabric of your domestic space and lingers there, like the dream that was India.
Element of decadence
Introducing Dominique Ropion’s newest ode to the Middle East: The Night, a perfume born from that sacred moment when the heat of day subsides and constellations appear in the sky. Its unprecedented dose of natural Oud, blended with generous doses of amber and Turkish rose, make it the most precious perfume on the market.
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Crème de la crème
Try your hand at something new with Crème pour les mains au beurre d’iris by Olivia Giacobetti. The Medici family used to perfume their gloves with iris, and now it’s your turn- give your lovely hands the royal treatment!
Handsome soaps
We have a new hand soap collection! Six of the highest quality fragrances in the perfume industry are now available in the form of rich and nourishing soaps. Buy them individually, in custom sets of three and six, or as a coffret containing the full collection.
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Our Collaboration With Valextra
We are proud to announce our new collaboration with Valextra, a leader in Italian leather craftsmanship. With unrivalled expertise, the luxury house has created a custom leather case for your perfume, available in different colors, for your voyage across the world.
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Announcing a new collaboration
We have spent the last year working in secret on our second-ever designer collaboration. It is our honor to announce the impending new perfume created with Alber Elbaz, and celebrate his 'Officier de la Légion d'Honneur’ title received today. More information to come.

Photo credit But Sou Lai
New Paris store in the Marais
Located in a historic building in the Marais, our new store was designed in collaboration with architects Jakob + MacFarlane. The interiors were designed to resemble a carefully sculpted, three-dimensional grid, from which a series of mysterious islands – shelves, tables and refrigerated cabinets – emerge. The result is a space to sit, gaze, speak and be heard. A place where the soul’s relationship with the imagination can expand, filling every corner in infinite reflection – here, where time stands still.
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After Sun Balm
A hint of Dominique Ropion's tuberose was all it took to transcend our after-sun balm. In an intense blend of vegetal freshness clashing with spices and camphor – subdued to even greater appeal by soft musks – tuberose exudes sensuality. This mixture of a mild gel and energizing water, imported from Switzerland, soothes and hydrates the skin.
Summer never felt so sublime.
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Cologne Indelebile:
Body Wash + Body Milk
Cologne Indélébile, Dominique Ropion's overdose of white musks paired with an extraordinarily rened citrus accord, is a paradox: familiar yet magnetic, innocent yet erotic, incredibly clean yet pulsating with sensuality...
It is the perfect match for a refreshing body wash and a nourishing body milk, leaving skin soft, clean and hydrated in an enduring trail of clarity…
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For this seductive new take on a classic, Bruno Jovanovic combines mandarin orange and rum absolute over a vast sea of patchouli, with generous measures of cedar wood, suede and frankincense to heighten its sensual aura. An enigma of masculine energy, reminiscent of times gone by…
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15th Anniversary Coffret
Celebrating 15 years of collaboration with the world's greatest perfumers.
Discover at leisure our collection of exceptional perfumes in two luxurious collection boxes that include a Bakelite travel spray and a retrospective book.
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Everyone deserves a bed of roses
This discreet and refined linen spray is composed of Turkish rose essence and rose absolute, added to a hint of musk, for the most voluptuous nights.
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Floral Body Washes (at long last!)
10 years after introducing the body washes for men, we are (at long last!) launching a collection of floral body washes: Carnal Flower, Eau de Magnolia, En Passant, Lipstick Rose and Lys Méditerranée. They are as splendid as they are decadent, to be enjoyed under the torrents of one’s shower.
Cologne Indelebile
Cologne Indélébile combines a splash of the best neroli, orange blossom and bergamot together with a sea of musk for a scent that endures, and endures, and endures. Dominique Ropion has created a clean yet surprisingly magnetic interpretation of Eau de Cologne that lasts forever…
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Joyeux Noel Limited Edition Candle
A family atmosphere, traditional colors of red and green, and the particular scent of pine, amber, cinnamon, and a touch of cotton candy. This unique December scent created by Dominique Ropion called “Joyeux Noël” (Merry Christmas in French) is now available as a limited edition candle.
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New Travel Spray
Functional yet sophisticated, our new travel spray case is designed for individuals on the go. Endowed with a minimalist elegance that complements whichever perfume it serves to carry.
Available in red or black, this case is suitable for our 10 ml refill bottles and features a convenient magnetic cap.
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Body butter
The “Dries Van Noten par Frédéric Malle” body butter encapsulates a mix of natural sandalwood, saffron, vanilla, Peruvian balm, and patchouli heart. This extra rich body cream was developed for the most sumptuous compositions.
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Limited Edition Candle Series
We are proud to introduce these limited edition candles illustrated by artist extraordinaire Konstantin Kakanias. Each black and red watercolor interprets a different scent, including Jurassic Flower, Chez Monsieur, Russian Nights, 1er Mai, Saint des Saints, Un Gardénia la Nuit, Café Society, Tubéreuse, Notre Dame, and Joyeux Noël.
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Eau de Magnolia
A fresh chypre fragrance. An extraordinarily transparent and very natural smelling note, animated by a somber base that gives it depth and sensuality, as well as a touch of mystery.

A timeless summer fragrance, Eau de Magnolia.
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Frédéric Malle spent hours at the Liberty of London archives to find prints matching each perfume in his collection. The result of this research is a limited serie of boxes that illustrates the almost perfect link that exists between perfumes and colors.
It is also our way to celebrate 5 years of collaboration with the British institution.
This collection can only be found at Liberty of London and at our own stores in Paris and New York.
Perfume Guns
To the original Perfume Gun Collection, we are adding two new fragrances: Un Gardénia la Nuit, the hyper realistic rendition of the enchanting scent of natural Gardenias: Vegetal fruity and milky and Marius & Jeannette, a smell of the Mediterranean sea, an evocation of the mint and anise freshness of pastis.
Perfume Guns are a new way to bring olfactory beauty to our private worlds. They transform the atmosphere in an instant, then the fragrance evaporates slowly over time.
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Rubber Incense
The performance and ergonomics of these high tech version of the classic lavender sachet have been optimized.
We now offer five fragrances: Saint des Saints, Russian Nights, Jurassic Flower, Rosa Rugosa and Marius & Jeannette.
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